Finding Sergeant


An immigrant aged care worker’s compassion for a troubled veteran becomes the key to re-connecting with her teenage son.

Immigrant aged care worker Veliani can’t catch a break. At home, her teenage son refuses to talk to her. At work, her boss is on her back. And she is just about to meet her toughest patient yet: Hank, a surly air force veteran with a chip on his shoulder, tormented by memories of his past.

But, as Hank’s condition deteriorates, and the pressure mounts to get him under control, Veliani starts to wonder if there might be a more effective treatment than discipline—for both the tortured old man, and her own troubled son.

Finding Sergeant is a heartfelt drama about human connection, inspired by the real experiences of aged care workers in Australia.


Ben Crisp


Luke Wissell


Simon Williams
Brendon Skinner


Edwin Hodgeman
Mantra Bhatt